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20-30 min | 450 CZK

Weight loss 30′                                     Paint 30′                                          Kneipp treatment 25′

Detoxication 30′                                  Cellulite reduction 30′               Dry heat 20′

Stress reduction 30′                           Escape 20′                                       Steam 20′

Aquatica 25′                                         Sleep / meditation 30′                 Scott shower 20′

Massage bathtub using the healing power of water, steam, heat and light for relaxation and recreation.

People´s instinctvice faith in the healing power of water has been expressed for centuries by the statement of the Roman Emperor Nero „Sanitas Per Aqua“ which means „Health Through Water“. Spa-Oceana™ is technologically perfect multi-sensory system in body care and water treatment. Spa-Oceana™ is the first bathtub box of the Dermalife line that combines Hydrofusion™, infrared light and steam along with Vichy shower system, inside a powerful massage bathtub. Spa-Oceana uses the natural healing power of water, steam, heat and massage to offer refreshing and relaxing spa services customised for individual clients. The complex of non-invasive natural heaing procedures and methods used in the multifunction bathtub boxes by Dermalife™ quickly restores the body and mind vitality, setting the ground for new, positive and healthy lifestyle.

20 min | 350 CZK
20 min | 350 CZK
30 min | 210 CZK
30 min | 210 CZK
20 min | 210 CZK

Let us pamper your hands.

60 min | 670,- CZK

This is a massage eliminating fatigue and enhancing recovery of the organism. Removes weakness, stiffness, pain and muscle wasting. It helps improve blood circulation and venous return of blood and lymph from the periphery to the center of circulation.

30 min | 360,- CZK

Therapy for body and mind helps support the immune system and to activate or stabilize the psyche.

50 min | 570,- CZK

(10′ Footbath + 40′ Massage)
Massage is based on the existence of reflex zones on the feet associated with certain organs and body parts.

60 min | 900,- CZK
40 min | 600,- CZK
90 min | 950,- CZK

Bodycare „TONKA BEANS“ contains:
Moistrurising and Peeling with „Green Tea“
Relaxing Massage and Wrap with Bodybalm „Tonka Beans“

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