Božena Němcová Theatre

The oldest theatre of Františkovy Lázně was a former farm building, which was placed where the parking lot by the Social centre is nowadays. Improvised seasonal plays were seen here with the first strolling actors performing here in 1808. In 1868 the citizens of Františkovy Lázně built their first own theatre on the place of todays theatre building. The new scene offered a wide repertoire, immediately becoming a dignified part of the spa life. In the 1920s it became clear that the building could no longer fit the modern needs and the town decided to build a new, representative theatre. The building was designed by the professor of the Prague Polytechnics, professor Artur Payr. The construction begun in the autumn of 1927 and the new theatre was opened the following year. The theatre is a technically modern building in neo-classic style with art deco decorative parts in the interior.