Komorní hůrka – 5 km

Komorní Hůrka is the youngest volcano in the area of Český masiv and is found nearby the towns of Cheb and Františkovy Lázně. The volcano originated on the bottom of a drying salty lake, that was found in the area of nowadays Chebská and Sokolovská basins. The peak of Komorní Hůrka reaches the heihght of 503 metres above the sea level. Scientists claim that the volcano was last active millions years ago. Its volcanic activity is today reminded only by the carbon dioxide leaking away through „mofets“ in the fractural lines. This area has been protected since 1933. Nowadays Komorní Hůrka is a national natural landmark and its area occupies 7,1 ha. It is also one of the most explored volcanoes, very well known in the scientific world. Tens of scientists have been interested in it for more than 200 years, spreading its fame around the world.