Lázně Kynžvart Chateau – 20 km

Between 1820 and 1833 Pietro Nobile, a well known Viennese architect, conducted the remodelling of the originally Renneisance and Baroque chateau, which became the summer residence of Prince Metternich. The chateau had been owned by the House of Metternich since 1623. Klement Wenceslas Lothar Johann Nepomuk, the second Prince of Metternich – Winneburg occupied the post of Austria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, later becoming he State Chancellor of Austria. His favourite chateau hosted a lot of his diplomatic proceedings and thus Kynžvart was visited by many famous persons including Johann Wolfgang Goethe or count Kašpar Šternberk. The chancellor was also known as a collector with and an educated man. The chateau became home to his large collection of objects of art, coins, medals, weapons and china. His collection of rarities is still a popular one. Moreover, the Prince opened one of the largest aristocratic libraries in Bohemia at the chateau. Part of the chatea premises is a lovely English-style park.