Weight loss 30′                                     Paint 30′                                          Kneipp treatment 25′

Detoxication 30′                                  Cellulite reduction 30′               Dry heat 20′

Stress reduction 30′                           Escape 20′                                       Steam 20′

Aquatica 25′                                         Sleep / meditation 30′                 Scott shower 20′

Massage bathtub using the healing power of water, steam, heat and light for relaxation and recreation.

People´s instinctvice faith in the healing power of water has been expressed for centuries by the statement of the Roman Emperor Nero „Sanitas Per Aqua“ which means „Health Through Water“. Spa-Oceana™ is technologically perfect multi-sensory system in body care and water treatment. Spa-Oceana™ is the first bathtub box of the Dermalife line that combines Hydrofusion™, infrared light and steam along with Vichy shower system, inside a powerful massage bathtub. Spa-Oceana uses the natural healing power of water, steam, heat and massage to offer refreshing and relaxing spa services customised for individual clients. The complex of non-invasive natural heaing procedures and methods used in the multifunction bathtub boxes by Dermalife™ quickly restores the body and mind vitality, setting the ground for new, positive and healthy lifestyle.