Skalka dam on the river Ohře – 4 km

The Ohře springs in Schneeberg, Germany, 752 metres above the sea level. It enters the Czech republic nearby Cheb and 300 km later it flows into the Labe nearby Litoměřice. The Ohře is a popular watermen´s river, boatable from Cheb or the nearby Tršnice. Skalka is a valley dam built in the 1960´s by drowning a valley with the total area of 385 ha. The concrete dam with a turbine built on the outskirts of Cheb is 17 m high and wide 115 m at its top part. The lake is up to 14 metres deep. The surroundings of the lake is now a recreation area, its rocky northern bank keeps its romantic look and is also a path for walks from Cheb to Františkovy Lázně via Komorní Hůrka.